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review of af94 *69 Gel Eyeliner  by brooklynkayemakeup
*69 Gel Eyeliner
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Video Review of #AF94 *69 Gel Eyeliner by Brooklyn

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What Brooklyn says about *69 Gel Eyeliner Perfect fit

*69 Gel Eyeliner Perfect fit by Brooklyn

Brooklyn's review of the *69 Gel Eyeliner in Perfect fit color by af94 highlights the product's ability to open up the eyes and create a brightening effect. She emphasizes that this nude eyeliner does an incredible job of making the eyes appear more open compared to the eye without the eyeliner. The difference is subtle but significant. Brooklyn loves how this eyeliner can make such a big difference in enhancing the eyes' appearance. Overall, the *69 Gel Eyeliner in Perfect fit color by af94 is praised for its ability to brighten and open up the eyes, providing a subtle yet noticeable transformation.

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