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Go Viral and Earn Money Posting on Flip

Let’s face it: We’ve all dreamed about going viral, even if just for the bragging rights. And we wouldn’t turn our nose up at the earnings, either. 

If you love beauty — whether it’s makeup, skincare, or hair care — Flip is the platform for you. You’ll find great self-care products to try, and you can even earn money while you shop. On Flip, posting product reviews in the form of short videos can lead to a large following and an influx of cash. A viral review means mo

August 29, 2022
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What does it mean to go viral?

“Going viral” means your content is shared often and very quickly. Think of a funny video you saw on TikTok that all your friends have seen, too. Viral videos are passed through people and their social networks, and receive widespread exposure.

On Flip, going viral means appearing on our “Trending” page. To see what kind of content is going viral, check out the top 20 trending videos each day.

Why do I want to go viral?

Flip isn’t just about great beauty products — it’s also a social media platform. And, like most socials, you can earn money on Flip. 

Earnings come from views, purchases made from your videos, and live shows. You can reach more people and build your audience faster if one of your videos goes viral. The larger your following, the more money you can earn on Flip.  

5 tips to go viral on Flip

Use the following advice to create a viral review. Remember, it can take time to build a following, so don’t be discouraged if your content doesn’t go viral right away.

1. Start with a hook

There’s a lot of content on Flip, and people have short attention spans — you need to stand out before people scroll away.

Begin your video with a question or an opening line that sounds like you’re about to share a secret. “Does this hair oil actually repair hair damage?” or “This mascara will completely change your makeup routine!” are some examples of strong hooks that will pique a viewer’s interest. 

2. Tell a story

It might be tempting to show the product and its results right away — especially if it’s really amazing — but this won’t help your video hold the viewers’ attention. Build up to the reveal so they have to stick around to find out the juicy details. You also can’t tell how effective a product is after one week, so keep this product in your routine for a while to give an authentic opinion. 

Talk about your experience with the product and why you decided to try it. Give a tutorial on how you use the product so people can learn from your video and refer back to it. Then, show off the results.

The key to making high-quality content is to be thoughtful with your videos. The video length doesn’t need to be long as long as it’s engaging and informative.

3. Try trending products

If you’re unsure what to make content about, check which products are popular on Flip using the Trending tab. This way, you can feel confident knowing you’re making content about products people are already interested in. 

If someone searches for reviews on a certain trending product, your video will appear. If you make a video about a trending product, take a unique angle to help your video stand out among the rest.

4. Include a call to action

At the end of your video content, you want to motivate your viewer to act, whether that’s to purchase the product, share your video, or both. 

Purchases made from your videos earn you money, so if you like a product, encourage your audience to give it a try and post their own reviews. Regardless of whether or not you liked the product, always encourage viewers to share your video — others want to know your honest opinion. Plus, views also translate to earnings. Cha-ching.

5. Specialize your content

To grow a loyal following on Flip, carve out a niche where you can flex your interests and expertise. Make content about an area of self-care you’re passionate about or ingredients that pique your curiosity. If you’re an expert in beauty and looking to create review videos, a “how to” format will set you apart from other creators. 

For example, if you want to start the curly girl method, you should document your hair care journey so people with similar concerns can follow along. If you’re a nail technician, make videos about your favorite products or detail how to shape acrylic nails at home with a nail tool from Flip.

The more unique and original your content is, the better chance it has of catching people’s attention. Once you flourish in your niche, you’re much more likely to go viral.

Lights, camera, action

Put these tips to the test and start making your own videos on Flip. There’s no exact recipe to make viral content, but with these hacks, you’ll take your content creation to the next level. 

Be patient — you probably won't have a viral video right away. And remember, making videos is about having fun and enjoying Flip beauty’s awesome selection.

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