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review of BLUME SKIN Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs  by annagolkayepez
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Video Review of #BLUME SKIN Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs by Anna Golka-Yepez

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What Anna Golka-Yepez says about Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs White

Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs White by Anna Golka-Yepez

According to Anna, Melt Down is her favorite product in the bundle. It not only helps to calm sensitive skin but also effectively reduces the appearance of pimples overnight. The oil's hydrating properties make it suitable for daytime use as well. Anna loves how it gives her a natural glow, effortlessly enhancing her skin's appearance.

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Reviews of BLUME SKIN Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs White

Review by Narali Mota

Glowy Skin Bundle 3pcs

The Bloom Glowy Skin Bundle by BLUME SKIN is a must-have for anyone seeking a radiant complexion. Narali, the reviewer, expresses her love for the cleanser, noting its lightweight formula that leaves her skin feeling moisturized. She also appreciates the refreshing cooling sensation it provides. However, she mentions being disappointed with the meltdown, primarily due to its unpleasant smell. Despite this drawback, Narali finds the overall kit to be cute and praises the design of the box. With its hydrating cleanser and unique features, the Glowy Skin Bundle offers a promising solution for achieving a healthy and glowing complexion.

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