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'True K-beauty, starting with true materials' The main raw material for our brand is the seasonal green plum produced in SUNCHEON Green plums are rich in various vitamins and citric acid, which is good for your skin as well as edible. Green plums cannot be eaten as they are, so they are produced with syrup or wine. Because of this hassle, too many good fruits are thrown away. So, we are born to utilize, protect, and grow with the farmhouse. 'Look inside, view our honesty' Most customers check the expiration date of the product before they purchase it, the expiration date is easily overlooked for each ingredient. However, we focus on the smallest details. We believe in strength with the energy of fresh plants grown in season, we know better than anyone that the right ingredients are the best for our skin. 'LIFE BALANCE, TU:YOUNG' #Visible & Invisible Even if the appearance is beautiful, depending on the inner state of the person The persistence of the image will vary. TU:YOUNG considered not only the outer beauty but also the inner beauty.

About tu: young

🌳Green plum extract 85%🌳 Green plum ampoule contains various organic acids and vitamins that are effective in improving skin texture We are born to bring you glowy & healthy skin, experience this green vibe from tu:young ✨Scent Beauty ✨ Unlike ordinary room perfumes, our Air Perfume contains the sweet air of Seoul, you can always feel sweet if you spray it on your body or wherever you want Explore & Feel the Seoul with us

Founded in: 2021
Origin: KOREA
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About tu: young
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