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review of Chantecaille Luster Glide Eye Liner  by amymartinbeauty
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Video Review of #CHANTECAILLE Luster Glide Eye Liner by Amy

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Reviews of Chantecaille Luster Glide Eye Liner Olive brocade - a gilded mossy green

Review by Selena

Luster Glide Eyeliner

Selena provides a comprehensive tutorial on achieving a simplified smoky eye using the Luster Glide Eyeliner in Olive brocade by Chantecaille. She emphasizes the versatility of the product, stating that any shade can be used for this technique. Selena advises being patient and embracing the messiness of the application process. The eyeliner is meant to be smudged and blended, allowing for creativity in shaping the eye. To ensure longevity, she suggests topping it with an eyeshadow. Overall, Selena finds the technique of creating a smoky eye with this eyeliner to be relatively easy, albeit time-consuming. She encourages viewers to practice and refine their skills to achieve professional-looking results.

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