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review of Charlotte Cook Cosmetics Clean Liquid Lipstick  by tsovayan
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Video Review of #CHARLOTTE COOK COSMETICS Clean Liquid Lipstick by Tsova Yan

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What Tsova Yan says about Clean Liquid Lipstick Dublin

Clean Liquid Lipstick Dublin by Tsova Yan

Tsova's video review of the Clean Liquid Lipstick in Dublin color by Charlotte Cook Cosmetics reveals her pleasant surprise at the use of natural ingredients in the lipstick. She expresses her initial skepticism but is impressed by the shade and consistency of the product. Tsova finds the consistency to be different from other lipsticks, but in a good way. She even mentions that she didn't feel like she was wearing any lipstick at all. Overall, Tsova seems to have a positive experience with the Clean Liquid Lipstick, appreciating its unique qualities and lack of heaviness on the lips.

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