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review of Clear Fresh Clean IPL Hair Remover  by ririaofficial
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Video Review of #CLEAR FRESH CLEAN IPL Hair Remover by Zee

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Reviews of Clear Fresh Clean IPL Hair Remover White

Review by Zee

IPL Hair Remover

Zee recently put the IPL Hair Remover by Clear Fresh Clean to the test, and it's her second time trying it out. She mentioned that there have been significant improvements with this model compared to the previous one. To operate the device, you simply press the power button once, and the level is displayed. Zee emphasiZeeed the importance of not running the device more than three times on each section, especially on the highest setting. It's recommended to do three different runs instead of focusing on one spot. Additionally, she mentioned that the IPL Hair Remover should only be used once a week. Zee mentioned that after three sessions, which is approximately three weeks, she started to notice a difference. However, she did mention a slight burning smell, indicating that the device is working. Overall, Zee's initial impression of the IPL Hair Remover by Clear Fresh Clean is positive, and she plans to keep us updated on her progress.

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