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review of COVERFX Gripping Primer  by heather.marinelli
Gripping Primer
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Video Review of #COVERFX Gripping Primer by Heather

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Reviews of COVERFX Gripping Primer White

Review by Perri

Gripping Primer

Perri provides a side by side comparison of the Gripping Primer by COVERFX and the Hard Candy Hydrating Primer in their video review. After wearing both primers for 8 hours, Perri notes that both primers perform similarly in terms of line sinkage and pore appearance. However, the Gripping Primer by COVERFX stands out for its tackiness upon application, which may make it a better choice when used under a liquid foundation. Perri concludes that both primers are great alternatives to each other and expresses their love for both products. Overall, the Gripping Primer by COVERFX seems to be a reliable option for achieving a long-lasting and flawless makeup look.

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