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review of DefineMe Hair Fragrance  by krystascriven
Hair Fragrance
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Video Review of #DEFINEME Hair Fragrance by Krysta Scriven

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Reviews of DefineMe Hair Fragrance Payton

Review by Jackie Gonzalez

Payton Hair Fragrance

The Payton Hair Fragrance in Payton color by DefineMe is a hair fragrance mist that Jackie tried out in their video review. Jackie was drawn to this product because of its anti-frizz formula and natural ingredients, which are suitable for all hair types. The packaging, adorned with a cute butterfly, adds to its appeal. Jackie found the fragrance to be strong initially, but it mellowed out on their hair. This hair perfume is a great alternative to using body spray, especially for those who want their hair to smell good throughout the week. Overall, the Payton Hair Fragrance by DefineMe is a promising product that delivers a pleasant scent without overpowering the hair.

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