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review of DefineMe Natural Perfume  by 99zrjcrxcx
Natural Perfume
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Video Review of #DEFINEME Natural Perfume by Rebecca Goodell

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What Rebecca Goodell says about Natural Perfume Sofia isabel-citrine

Natural Perfume Sofia isabel-citrine by Rebecca Goodell

Rebecca recently received a big box from Flip, which included the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume by DefineMe. She chose the Citrine scent, which she describes as a beautiful combination of citrus and floral notes. The scent is not overpoweringly orange, but rather has a subtle hint of orange that adds to its uniqueness. Rebecca mentions that the perfume is long-lasting, with just two sprays lasting the entire day. She describes it as a fancy and high-quality product, although she notes that it is a bit expensive. Overall, Rebecca highly recommends the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume for its pretty scent and long-lasting formula.

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Reviews of DefineMe Natural Perfume Sofia isabel-citrine

Review by Angela

Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume

Angela's review of the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume by DefineMe is filled with praise for this product. She mentions that the perfume is infused with citrine, giving it a delightful citrusy and vanilla-y scent. Angela also admires the beautiful packaging and loves the fact that it is crystal infused. Overall, she describes the perfume as super light and highly appealing. While Angela doesn't mention any drawbacks, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary. However, based on Angela's positive feedback, it seems that the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume is a must-try for those who appreciate a light and refreshing fragrance with a touch of citrus and vanilla.

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Review by Melissa

Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume

Melissa, a reviewer, shares her experience with the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume in Sofia isabel-citrine color by DefineMe. She explains that certain scents can trigger memories, so when she goes on special vacations, she likes to choose one perfume to wear throughout the trip. Melissa recently picked up the citrine Perfume from DefineMe, and she describes it as smelling like peaches. The crystals in the perfume are meant to evoke a sense of free spirit and adventure, which aligns perfectly with the meaning of her current trip. Melissa concludes her review by expressing her excitement and stating that the perfume smells incredible. Overall, the Sofia Isabel-Citrine Natural Perfume by DefineMe seems to be a great choice for creating lasting memories and embracing a sense of adventure.

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