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review of dpHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy  by thedressychick
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Video Review of #DPHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy by Hadasa

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Reviews of dpHUE Color Fresh Oil Therapy White

Review by Alondra

Color Fresh Oil Therapy

Alondra recently discovered a game-changing hair oil called Color Fresh Oil Therapy by dpHUE. This oil stands out for its unique feature of being fully clear, making it perfect for those with platinum blonde hair as it won't add any unwanted yellowish tint. Not only does it enhance shine, but it also blocks harmful UV rays, preventing color fading. Alondra emphasizes that a little goes a long way with this product, taming frizz and leaving hair looking incredible. The convenient pump dispenser ensures controlled usage. Overall, Color Fresh Oil Therapy is a must-have hair product that effortlessly transforms hair, adding shine and managing frizz with minimal effort.

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