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review of dpHUE Gloss+ Medium Brown  by coleito
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Video Review of #DPHUE Gloss+ Medium Brown by Cole

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What Cole says about Gloss+ Medium Brown Medium brown

Gloss+ Medium Brown Medium brown by Cole

Cole recently tried out the Gloss+ Medium Brown in Medium brown color by dpHUE, a leave-in conditioner that also adds color and gloss to the hair. After using it, Cole mentioned that the results weren't immediately noticeable, but believes that consistent use over time will yield better results. One positive aspect mentioned was that the product didn't stain Cole's hands. Overall, Cole described their hair as extra glossy after using the Gloss+ Medium Brown. While the initial results may not have been dramatic, the potential for long-term improvement makes this product worth considering for those looking to enhance their hair's color and shine.

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Reviews of dpHUE Gloss+ Medium Brown Medium brown

Review by Gabby Perez

Gloss+ Medium Brown

Hey guys, Gabby here with a review of the Gloss+ Medium Brown in Medium brown color by dpHUE. Gabby was super interested to see if this semi-permanent hair gloss and color would work on her already dark hair. She mentioned that she's always looking for that super nice gloss that she can't seem to achieve with other products. Gabby has tried various shampoos and techniques, but hasn't found the shine she desires. She's excited to try this out and see if it delivers. Stay tuned for her update on the results. Overall, Gabby's initial impression is positive and she's hopeful that this product will give her the glossy hair she's been longing for.

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