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review of Elm and Rye Vanilla Vegan Protein  by indigomami888
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Video Review of #ELM AND RYE Vanilla Vegan Protein by Delani

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What Delani says about Vanilla Vegan Protein Vanilla

Vanilla Vegan Protein Vanilla by Delani

Delani's review of the Vanilla Vegan Protein by Elm and Rye highlights the impressive results she has experienced without even needing to demonstrate it. The gains speak for themselves, thanks to this vegan protein powder. Not only is it good for your overall health, but it also won't cause any negative effects on your skin or hormones. The inclusion of turmeric and a mushroom blend further enhances its benefits by improving mood, reducing stress, and regulating cortisol levels. With 20 grams of protein per serving and a convenient scoop, this protein powder is both effective and easy to use. Delani emphasizes that it tastes great, making it a satisfying post-workout option. Overall, the Vanilla Vegan Protein by Elm and Rye seems to be a reliable and beneficial choice for those seeking a plant-based protein supplement.

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Reviews of Elm and Rye Vanilla Vegan Protein Vanilla

Review by Brittany Ferrouge

Vanilla Vegan Protein

Brittany is a fan of the Vanilla Vegan Protein by Elm and Rye. She loves how it blends well with oat milk, creating a super creamy texture. With 20 grams of protein, this vegan blend is packed with beneficial ingredients like turmeric, mushroom complex, BCAAs, and a Lion's mane amino acid profile. Brittany also appreciates the generous size of the product, comparing it to a gallon of oat milk. Overall, she highly recommends the Vanilla Vegan Protein for its taste, creaminess, and the calming effects of Lion's mane. It seems like Elm and Rye have created a winner with this protein blend.

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