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review of ColourPop Pretty Fresh Foundation  by b.vasquez1397
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Video Review of #COLOURPOP Pretty Fresh Foundation by Bianca

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What Bianca says about Pretty Fresh Foundation Light 70w

The Pretty Fresh Foundation in Light 70w color by ColourPop was reviewed by Bianca in a video. Despite being a shade lighter than her skin tone, Bianca loved the finish of the foundation and was obsessed with how good it looked. She mentioned that she is a terrible shade matcher, but that didn't stop her from appreciating the product. The foundation has a hyaluronic formula, which provides hydration and a flawless finish. Bianca's positive experience with the product highlights its benefits, such as its ability to create a beautiful complexion. However, it's important to note that the video review did not mention any potential drawbacks of the foundation. Overall, based on Bianca's review, the Pretty Fresh Foundation in Light 70w color by ColourPop seems to be a promising product that delivers a great finish and hydration to the skin.