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review of ColourPop Super Shock Shadow  by brooklynkayemakeup
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Video Review of #COLOURPOP Super Shock Shadow by Brooklyn

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What Brooklyn says about Super Shock Shadow Rooftop cocktails

Brooklyn is absolutely thrilled with the Super Shock Shadow in Rooftop Cocktails color by ColourPop. In her video review, she describes it as the coolest eyeshadow she has ever come across. The shade is stunning and surprisingly wearable, even more so than one would expect. Brooklyn demonstrates the application process, emphasizing that it is best applied with fingers. She swatches the shadow and is amazed by the result, describing it as pretty and reminiscent of Ariel in an eyeshadow. She even mentions that she has seen people apply it on their cheeks with stunning results. Overall, Brooklyn is in love with this eyeshadow and plans to wear it throughout the summer.