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review of DRMTLGY Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF44  by 62ba171963c89c0014ee4cd4
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Video Review of #DRMTLGY Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF44 by Liz

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What Liz says about Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF44 White

Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF44 White by Liz

The Physical Universal Tinted SPF44 by DRMTLGY - VOID is a standout product, according to Liz's video review. After testing seven tinted mineral sunscreens, Liz found this one to be even better than her favorite tinted chemical sunscreen. She highlights that it leaves zero white cast, even on her darkest moles. Liz demonstrates the application of both the chemical and mineral SPF on each side of the screen, emphasizing their identical performance. Both variants provide hydration without any greasy or oily feeling. However, the mineral sunscreen stands out with its water-resistant formula. Liz also mentions that the mineral UV filters in this product help alleviate her redness caused by mild rosacea. Overall, Liz highly recommends the Physical Universal Tinted SPF44 as her number one favorite tinted sunscreen across all categories.