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review of I DEW CARE Do The Twist - 1ct  by annieliu0202
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Video Review of #I DEW CARE Do The Twist - 1ct by Annie

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What Annie says about Do The Twist - 1ct Blue

Do The Twist - 1ct Blue by Annie

Annie, a reviewer, recently tried out the DO THE TWIST towel wrap by I DEW CARE. She was impressed by the softness and the color of the towel wrap. It fit snugly on her head without pulling, thanks to its comfortable design. Annie also noted that the towel wrap had a microfiber-like feel, which added to its softness. She left it on for about 15 minutes while doing her makeup and found that the towel was only slightly damp afterwards. Annie plans to dry it and then blow dry her hair to see the long-term results. She also mentioned that the towel wrap had a cute "I do care" label. Overall, Annie's initial impression of the DO THE TWIST towel wrap is positive, highlighting its softness, comfortable fit, and absorbency. She is excited to see how it performs in the long run.

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Reviews of I DEW CARE Do The Twist - 1ct Blue

Review by Natalie


Overall, the DO THE TWIST by I DEW CARE is a must-have for those looking for a convenient and effective hair towel wrap. Its microfiber cloth material is ideal for curly hair and provides a practical solution for keeping hair away during makeup application. The added button feature ensures a snug fit, adding to its appeal. Natalie's positive experience and recommendation make it clear that this product is worth trying.

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