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Multi-Use Sculpting Palette
Multi-Use Sculpting Palette
/iconic london multi use sculpting palette os gold
/iconic london multi use sculpting palette os gold
/iconic london multi use sculpting palette os gold
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review of Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette  by jessica308200124-1
review of Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette  by shannonlukee
review of Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette  by 62ba171963c89c0014ee4cd4

Multi-Use Sculpting Palette #Iconic London

Color: Gold


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Reviews of Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette Gold

review of Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette  by jessica308200124-1

Review by Jessica

Jessica recently tried the Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette and was pleased with the results. She found that the tones blended well into her skin and that the product went a long way, so less was more. Jessica was impressed with the ability to mix and match the colors and would recommend the palette to anyone looking for a good contour and highlight product.

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Review by Liz

Multi-Use Sculpting Palette

Liz recently reviewed the Multi-Use Sculpting Palette from Iconic London. The palette comes with six cream shades and Liz used it as a contour, concealer, and highlighter. Liz noted that the colors were creamy and lightweight, making them easy to blend. They also noted that they only needed two blending brushes for the application process, one smaller for the brighter areas and one bigger for the darker areas. Liz was surprised by how beautiful the look turned out and said they would be using the palette more often.

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Review by ICONIC London

Multi-Use Sculpting Palette

ICONIC recently reviewed their Multi-Use Sculpting Palette, which contains six creamy shades to contour, conceal, highlight, and define like a pro. ICONIC demonstrated how to use the palette, starting with the light shade to highlight underneath the eyes to make them look more awake and alive. They then used the contour shade to make their cheekbones pop and define their forehead and jawline. ICONIC noted that the creamy texture of the product blended like a dream when buffed in with a fluffy brush. They then used the concealer shade to top off the contour and make it look even more natural and flawless. The highlight shade was used to add more life to the high points of the face, while the dark shade was used to define the eyebrows and make them look fuller and fluffier. Finally, the light shade was used to brighten up the inner corner of the eyes. ICONIC concluded that the Multi-Use Sculpting Palette was an easy and effective way to achieve a professional contour, highlight, and define look.

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Review by Morgan

Multi-Use Sculpting Palette

Morgan recently reviewed the Iconic London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette and demonstrated how to contour the face. She explains that contouring is important for creating a snatched, slicked back, and six-like look. She recommends using a different brush for foundation and contour, and emphasizes the importance of using an upward motion when applying the product. She also suggests adding a bit of color to the face for those who don't get much sun. Morgan then demonstrates how to contour the face, starting with the cheekbones and then moving up to the top of the nose. She remarks that the results are amazing and that the palette is a great tool for creating a new bone structure.

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About Iconic London

About Iconic London

ICONIC London is world-famous for our GLOW-giving products, loved by professional makeup artists, celebrities and influencers alike! Inspired by a passion for makeup and the exciting, limitless energy of busy, city life in vibrant London, the team at ICONIC London knew we wanted to create on-the-glow products that made our customer feel as good as they look with instant, instagrammable effects. We know our customers well, because we ARE them. Our passion is to make people all over the world feel confident. From everyday get-glam makeup to luxe skincare hybrids, we’ve got the beauty big guns you pull out when you really want to add the wow factor to your look. We’ve been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair. And, thanks to our amazing network of Makeup Artists who work with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Beyonce, our products have graced the faces of A-Listers worldwide! We believe no animal should be harmed in the making of our products. We’re totally, and proudly, cruelty free. We make our own rules. Watch this space.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United Kingdom
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