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review of ITEM Beauty Air Hug Concealer  by austen.r.parker
Air Hug Concealer
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Video Review of #ITEM BEAUTY Air Hug Concealer by Austen

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What Austen says about Air Hug Concealer 220 - light with cool peach undertones

Air Hug Concealer 220 - light with cool peach undertones by Austen

Hey everyone, Austen here with a review of the Air Hug Concealer in shade 220 by ITEM Beauty. Austen has very dark circles under their eyes, and this concealer seems to be a pretty close color match. They mention that it's currently on sale for a great price. Austen likes to let it dry out a bit before blending, as they feel it holds better and doesn't crease as much. They also note that it works well when applied with just the finger. Austen is impressed with the results, as they see a noticeable difference after applying a small dot of the concealer. They love this stuff and recommend adding it to your cart to try it out for yourself. Overall, the Air Hug Concealer in shade 220 seems to be a great option for covering dark circles, providing a close color match, and offering long-lasting results.

Reviews of ITEM Beauty Air Hug Concealer 220 - light with cool peach undertones

Review by Josefine Mim

Air Hug Concealer

Josefine tried the Air Hug Concealer in shade 220 by ITEM Beauty and was impressed with the results. She found it to be a clean and affordable product that provided excellent coverage. Compared to other concealers she has used, this one felt more lightweight on her skin. She applied it with her fingers and was able to blend it seamlessly. The color matched her skin perfectly. Overall, Josefine is in love with this concealer and highly recommends it for its impressive coverage and lightweight feel.

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Review by Ky

Air Hug Concealer

The Item Beauty Air Hug Concealer in 220 - light with cool peach undertones is a lightweight, medium to full coverage concealer that delivers impressive results. Ky, the reviewer, highlights its key features, including its infusion of papaya extract, which provides a boost of vitamin C to brighten and smooth the under eye area. Ky mentions that the concealer is thick and requires some effort to blend, but once applied, it seamlessly melts into the skin, leaving a smooth finish with no creasing. The product is buildable, allowing for customizable coverage. Ky expresses their love for Item Beauty products and highly recommends trying them out. Overall, the Air Hug Concealer is a high-performing product that offers excellent coverage and a long-lasting, crease-free finish.

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