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review of KAJA Vacay Shine Lip Oil  by taterobinson
Vacay Shine Lip Oil
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Video Review of #KAJA Vacay Shine Lip Oil by Tate

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Reviews of KAJA Vacay Shine Lip Oil Beachy nude

Review by Molly

Vacay Shine Lip Oil

Molly, in her video review, shares her thoughts on the Vacay Shine Lip Oil by KAJA. She mentions that she wanted a more natural look for her lips, and the Beachy Nude shade of this lip oil perfectly fits the bill. Molly appreciates the subtle sparkles in the product, which add a touch of glamour. She also compliments the angled brush, noting that it makes application effortless. As a lip oil, Molly finds it to be lightweight and comfortable on her lips. Overall, she seems to be pleased with the Vacay Shine Lip Oil and asks for the viewer's opinion. This lip oil by KAJA appears to be a great option for those seeking a natural-looking lip product with a hint of sparkle.

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