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review of Lemonhead.LA Spacejam  by ysabellopez.makeup
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Video Review of #LEMONHEAD.LA Spacejam by Ysabel

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What Ysabel says about Spacejam Midnight society

Spacejam Midnight society by Ysabel

The reviewer, Ysabel, expresses her excitement about trying the Spacejam in Midnight society color by Lemonhead.LA glitter. She highlights the gorgeous color and praises the texture, describing it as super amazing and easy to blend. Ysabel showcases her creativity by creating a retro disco look with the glitter and eyeliner. The final result is impressive, leaving Ysabel hopeful that others will like it too. Overall, the Spacejam in Midnight society color by Lemonhead.LA receives high praise for its texture, blendability, and ability to create stunning looks. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

Reviews of Lemonhead.LA Spacejam Midnight society

Review by Melissa


Melissa is absolutely thrilled with the Spacejam in Midnight Society color by Lemonhead.LA. She confesses that these glitters have brought her immense joy and happiness. The fact that this particular shade features little moons and stars made her eyes almost pop out of her head. Melissa is in the process of familiarizing herself with the different glitters offered by Lemonhead.LA, and she explains that the Spacejam range consists of chunkier, more playful pieces compared to their holographic counterparts. She praises the ease of application and the long-lasting staying power of these glitters. Melissa's obsession with Lemonhead.LA glitters stems from their ability to effortlessly adhere to her eyelids without creasing or causing irritation. She concludes by stating that these glitters are her go-to choice, and she simply can't get enough of them.

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