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review of Living proof Healthy Hair Perfector  by gidget93
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Video Review of #LIVING PROOF Healthy Hair Perfector by Gigi Peña

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What Gigi Peña says about Healthy Hair Perfector Grey

Healthy Hair Perfector Grey by Gigi Peña

The Healthy Hair Perfector by Living proof is Gigi's favorite product on Flip. As a professional hairstylist, she knows the struggle of damaged hair, especially after going platinum. This product has been a game-changer for her. It not only smooths and makes her hair look healthy, but it also seals the outer cuticle, controlling frizz and sealing split ends. Gigi swears by this product and recommends everyone to pick it up. The added bonus is that it smells amazing. Overall, the Healthy Hair Perfector is a must-have for anyone looking to revive and improve the health of their hair.

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Reviews of Living proof Healthy Hair Perfector Grey

Review by Wanda

Healthy Hair Perfector

Living Proof's Healthy Hair Perfector is a must-have for those seeking to tame frizz and enhance shine. According to Wanda's review, this serum is a fantastic choice. Its subtle scent and versatility make it suitable for application on both damp and dry hair. Wanda's air-dried hair appeared incredibly soft and shiny, showcasing the serum's effectiveness. Overall, this product receives a glowing recommendation from Wanda, making it a worthwhile addition to any hair care routine. With its ability to reduce frizz and add noticeable shine, the Healthy Hair Perfector by Living Proof is a keeper.

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Review by Natalie Nakkhongkham

Healthy Hair Perfector

Natalie provides a detailed review of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Healthy Hair Perfector. She mentions that the product effectively treats damage, dullness, and dryness. While the instructions suggest applying it on damp or dry hair, Natalie finds it easier to use on damp hair. She describes the texture as lotion-like and mentions that it has a pleasant scent. The product is not gooey or sticky and can be easily combed through the hair. Natalie also notes that the amount provided would last her for more than a month. Overall, she recommends the Healthy Hair Perfector for its effectiveness and ease of use.

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