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review of Living proof PhD Triple Detox Shampoo  by oliviavlachos
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Video Review of #LIVING PROOF PhD Triple Detox Shampoo by Olivia

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What Olivia says about PhD Triple Detox Shampoo Grey

PhD Triple Detox Shampoo Grey by Olivia

This is the Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo, a product that Olivia, a reviewer, is super excited to try. Olivia loves Living Proof products, and this shampoo lives up to her expectations. It effectively removes everyday buildup like dirt and oil, leaving the hair feeling fresh and clean. The shampoo is color safe and non-stripping, ensuring that it won't damage or fade dyed hair. One of the standout features is its amazing scent, which adds a pleasant aroma to the hair. Overall, Olivia's review highlights the effectiveness and benefits of the PhD Triple Detox Shampoo by Living proof, making it a great choice for those looking to detoxify their hair without stripping its color or natural oils.

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