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Cica Redness Solution Cream
Cica Redness Solution Cream
/meebak cica redness solution cream os white green
/meebak cica redness solution cream os white green
/meebak cica redness solution cream os white green
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review of Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream  by emily_harper_
review of Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream  by info201423
review of Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream  by 632e1999c52e0e22d7ce92e9

Cica Redness Solution Cream #Meebak

Color: White-green


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Reviews of Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream White-green

review of Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream  by princess_pita06

Review by Amber Williamson

Amber was excited to try the Cica Redness Solution Cream by Meebak. After applying a small amount of the cream to their hand and using a brush to pat it on their face, the cream initially appeared white, but then blended in. Amber found that a little of the cream went a long way and that it was perfect for lazy days when they wanted to feel good about themselves, but didn't want to wear a full face of makeup. The cream was able to cover up all of their redness and even out their complexion.

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Review by Sarah

Cica Redness Solution Cream

Sarah recently reviewed Meebak's Cica Redness Solution Cream, and was highly impressed with the product. She used the cream as her base for her makeup look, and found it to be a great alternative to more expensive products. She also noted that it had a nice finish and was easy to use. She concluded her review by recommending the product to others, and warning that it may sell out quickly.

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Review by emily

Cica Redness Solution Cream

emily reviewed Meebak's Cica Redness Solution Cream and found it to be just as good as the more expensive Dr. Jart Sick of Redness Creams. emily noted that the cream felt like a heavy, rich moisturizer on the skin and was able to cancel out redness and pink tones in the skin. emily demonstrated the effectiveness of the cream by comparing the side of her face with the cream to the side without, showing that the cream had knocked off all the rosy tones underneath her skin. emily also noted that without foundation, the cream had evened out her skin complexion. After applying a little blush and concealer, emily was pleased with the results.

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Review by Amy

Cica Redness Solution Cream

Amy recently tried out the Meebak Cica Redness Solution Cream and was pleasantly surprised. She was looking for a similar product from a doctor, but it was out of stock. This product was recommended by Sarah and came in nice packaging. It was also half the price of the doctor's product. After trying it out, Amy found that it blended in nicely with her skin color and she liked the results. She plans to buy another one so she doesn't run out or have it sell out again.

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About Meebak

About Meebak

Korea’s best kept herbal beauty secrets that take you back to soft, smooth, baby skin. We blend Korea’s innovative cosmetic manufacturing knowhow with cultural/ herbal ingredients to deliver performance driven formulas. We believe in integrity for our ingredients and in high transparency in how we deliver value to our customers. Our products are formulated to simplify routines and help rebuild the skin barrier for stronger, healthier skin and to soothe sensitive and irritation-prone skin. Our mission is to provide a practical, carefree skincare solution for every woman inspired by Korean herbal recipes. We believe that top notch skincare can be attainable for everyone and we want to enable our customers to actively participate in their lives, with confidence and natural beauty achieved by the simple and effective daily skincare routines we provide.

Founded in: 2019
Origin: USA
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Skincare iconSkincare
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
BIPOC Founded iconBIPOC Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
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