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review of Melt Cosmetics Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil  by jylocklear
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Video Review of #MELT COSMETICS Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil by Jessica

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What Jessica says about Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil Ivory

Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil Ivory by Jessica

The Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil in Ivory color by Melt Cosmetics is a game-changer for opening up the eyes, as highlighted by Jessica in her video review. She was impressed by the pure pigment and how it effortlessly enhanced her tired eyes, making her look awake and bright-eyed. The formula of this pencil is truly remarkable, as it shows up even on the moist waterline, which can be a challenge with other products. Jessica noticed a massive difference in the appearance of her eyes after using this pencil, with a noticeable reduction in redness. Overall, she found the Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil to be absolutely beautiful and highly effective in achieving a stunning eye look.

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Reviews of Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil

Review by Allison Jenks

Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil

Allison, in her video review, raves about the Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil by Melt Cosmetics. She describes it as a game-changer for brightening up her eyes. The pencil's smoothness is a standout feature, effortlessly gliding onto the waterline. Allison demonstrates how it seamlessly melts into her eyes, instantly opening them up. She admits to not having applied bottom mascara yet but assures viewers of her obsession with this product. She finds it fabulous and highly recommends it. Allison even contemplates trying a shade lighter in the future. Overall, the Ivory Slick Waterline Pencil receives glowing praise from Allison, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their eye makeup routine.

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