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Natural Deodorant 1 #Patricks

Silver - 75gr


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Ten years ago when Patrick was in his Sydney salon looking at a product he was selling, he rubbed it between his fingers, looked in the mirror and while admiring his epic cut, said “we can do better than this’. He called a formulations lab, then his mum for a 5k loan, and started Patricks products. ‘We can do better’ has been at the core of every product and innovation since. It’s allowed us to grow as a company and most importantly - it has given us the freedom to fail - to fuck up, to make something great then burn it all down to make something even better, to land on our faces in a hungover mess in an airport in LA after all our stuff was stolen. Or was it London? Wherever it was - man, our hair always looked fantastic. We raised hell and we raised capital. We pissed off chemists. We pushed our design guys. No holds barred, I gave the formulations company an open budget to produce the best performing product possible – beyond anything that had been engineered before. The result is a range of multi-functional products with science-based formulations that work.

About Patricks

Cosmeceutical men’s skincare & haircare consciously combining performance, design and sustainability.

Founded in: 2007
Origin: Australia
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Men's Grooming iconMen's Grooming
Luxury iconLuxury
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Vegan iconVegan
Sustainable iconSustainable

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About Patricks
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