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review of PUBLIC GOODS Gua Sha  by itsressyy
Gua Sha
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Video Review of #PUBLIC GOODS Gua Sha by Caresse

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What Caresse says about Gua Sha Green

Gua Sha Green by Caresse

Review: The Gua Sha by PUBLIC GOODS is a must-have for anyone who wakes up with a puffy face. According to Caresse, this tool is a game-changer. She recommends putting it in the freezer overnight and using it every morning to sculpt the face and achieve a snatched look. Caresse emphasizes the importance of pairing the Gua Sha with a good serum for optimal results. Overall, this product seems to deliver on its promise of reducing puffiness and enhancing facial contours. However, it's worth noting that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the Gua Sha.

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Reviews of PUBLIC GOODS Gua Sha Green

Review by Jenna

Gua Sha

Jenna, a reviewer, shares her positive experience with the Gua Sha by PUBLIC GOODS. She mentions that Gua Sha has been claimed to help with hormonal acne by improving microcirculation in the face. As someone dealing with hormonal acne due to PCOS, Jenna incorporates the Public Goods Gua Sha into her routine and has already seen significant improvement in just a few days. She appreciates the versatile shape of the tool, which allows her to target different areas of her face. Jenna focuses on her neck and jaw to reduce inflammation, uses the ridges on the bridge of her nose to address congestion, and applies the bulb under her eyes to combat bags and redness. She concludes by highly recommending the product, as it leaves her feeling fresh and revitalized. Overall, Jenna's review highlights the effectiveness and versatility of the Gua Sha by PUBLIC GOODS in addressing various skincare concerns.

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