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review of PUBLIC GOODS Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct  by keesting
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Video Review of #PUBLIC GOODS Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct by Kee

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What Kee says about Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct Brown

Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct Brown by Kee

Kee, a reviewer, expresses their excitement for the Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct by PUBLIC GOODS in their video review. They mention being drawn to the affordability of the brand and their commitment to sustainability. Kee highlights the versatility of the scouring pads, explaining that they can effectively scrub dishes and remove stubborn grime. They also mention their positive experience with other products from PUBLIC GOODS, emphasizing their enthusiasm for stocking up on their items. Kee encourages viewers to check out their review of the brand's bulk shampoo and body wash. Overall, Kee's review portrays the Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct as a reliable and eco-conscious choice for household cleaning needs.

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Reviews of PUBLIC GOODS Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct Brown

Review by Evelyn

Walnut Scouring Pad - 4ct

Evelyn, in her video review, puts the Walnut Scouring Pad by PUBLIC GOODS to the test. She starts by showcasing the pad's size, mentioning that it comes in a four-pack. Evelyn notes that the pad holds a good amount of suds and proceeds to scrub a dirty pan with it. She is impressed with its performance, as it effectively removes tough stains without scratching the surface. Evelyn highlights that the scouring pad is made from walnut shells, making it eco-friendly and made from recycled fibers. Overall, she concludes that the Walnut Scouring Pad is a decent product that delivers on its promises, offering effective cleaning without causing any damage.

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