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review of Pulp & Press The Original - The Beginner  by penguinella
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Video Review of #PULP & PRESS The Original - The Beginner by Ella

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Reviews of Pulp & Press The Original - The Beginner Multi

Review by Paulette

The Original

The Original by Pulp & Press is a 3 Day Cleanse that consists of 21 different juices, with 7 for each day. According to Paulette, the reviewer, these juices are not only delicious but also offer various benefits. While some of the citrus-based juices have a slightly sour taste, Paulette still enjoyed them. She did mention that Eclipse, which contains charcoal, had a unique flavor and texture, but it didn't bother her too much. One of the benefits Paulette experienced from this cleanse was feeling less bloated and sluggish throughout the day. She also expressed an interest in trying Pulp & Press's green cleanse to incorporate more vegetables and reduce sugar intake. Paulette did mention that the cleanse is a bit pricey, but she would still consider treating herself to it a couple of times a year. Overall, Paulette's review highlights the convenience and positive effects of The Original by Pulp & Press, making it an appealing option for those looking to improve their well-being.

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