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review of TELETIES Tiny Clip  by pinkrees
Tiny Clip
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Video Review of #TELETIES Tiny Clip by Charees

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Reviews of TELETIES Tiny Clip Almond beige

Review by Jillian

Tiny Clip

The TELETIES Tiny Clip in Almond beige color is a must-have accessory, according to Jillian's video review. She praises the clip for its adorable design and mentions that she couldn't resist buying it in two different colors. Jillian is impressed with the clip's durability, noting that it is super strong and perfect for her thick hair. She demonstrates its functionality by effortlessly holding a decent amount of hair, even without a structured hairstyle. Jillian believes that the TELETIES Tiny Clip is ideal for half up half down hairdos, making it a versatile option. Overall, she highly recommends this clip for its quality and cute appearance.

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