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review of The Frontal Queen BABY HAIR CONTROL  by hello1234568093
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Video Review of #THE FRONTAL QUEEN BABY HAIR CONTROL by The Frontal Queen

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Review by Rebeca


Rebeca, in her video review, shares her experience with BABY HAIR CONTROL by The Frontal Queen. She mentions that her baby hairs are usually unruly, but this product helps to slick them down. With up to 48 hours of hold, she finds it perfect for taming her hair. Rebeca applies the product and notes that it feels strong and holds her hair in place without feeling sticky. After it dries, she is pleased with the final result. Overall, Rebeca likes BABY HAIR CONTROL and plans to use it frequently. This product seems to effectively control baby hairs, providing a strong hold without any stickiness.

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Review by Jahaira


Jahaira recently tried out the BABY HAIR CONTROL by The Frontal Queen, a product designed to provide a 48-hour hold for sleek edges. With her hair being a mix of 4C, 4B, and 4A textures, finding an edge control that works can be a challenge. However, she was pleasantly surprised by this one. Throughout the day, her hair stayed sleek and in place, earning this product a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Jahaira recommends using a scarf to tie down the edges after application for even better results. Overall, the BABY HAIR CONTROL by The Frontal Queen is a reliable and effective solution for keeping edges sleek and styled all day long.

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