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review of Fur KP Body Scrub  by marissajaneneuzil
KP Body Scrub
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Video Review of #FUR KP Body Scrub by Marissa Neuzil

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Reviews of Fur KP Body Scrub White

Review by Estrella

KP Body Scrub

The KP Body Scrub by Fur comes highly recommended by Estrella, who discovered it through her waxer. In her video review, Estrella praises the scrub for its effectiveness in exfoliating the skin. She specifically mentions its grainy texture, which allows for a thorough exfoliation experience. Estrella emphasizes that the scrub is perfect for use all over the legs, making it ideal for those who regularly wax their legs. She fully recommends the product, highlighting the credibility of her waxer's endorsement. Estrella's trust in her waxer's knowledge further reinforces the quality of the KP Body Scrub by Fur. Overall, this scrub appears to be a reliable choice for achieving smooth and exfoliated skin.

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