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review of Good Dye Young Poser Paste Hair Makeup  by arianna9362008
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Video Review of #GOOD DYE YOUNG Poser Paste Hair Makeup by Arianna

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What Arianna says about Poser Paste Hair Makeup Ppl eater - purple

Poser Paste Hair Makeup Ppl eater - purple by Arianna

Arianna is excited about trying out the Good Dye Young Poser Paste Hair Makeup in Purple, also known as People Eater. She follows the instructions to stir it well before applying it to her dry, clean hair. Although the instructions suggest brushing throughout, Arianna adapts the application to her curly hair. She loves the scent of the product and finds the color to be beautiful. However, she does notice a bit of extra frizz compared to the other side of her hair. Arianna styles her hair and appreciates the versatility of being able to switch up her look. She does mention getting a little bit of purple on her shirt, so it's advisable to use a shirt that you don't mind staining. Overall, Arianna gives a positive assessment of the Poser Paste Hair Makeup, stating that it's a great way to change up your hair. She does express a desire for suggestions on how to reduce frizz.

Reviews of Good Dye Young Poser Paste Hair Makeup Ppl eater - purple

Review by Team GDY

Poser Paste Temp Hair Makeup Ppl Eater

Poser Paste Temp Hair Makeup Ppl Eater in Ppl eater - purple color by Good Dye Young is a fantastic temporary color product, as highlighted by Team in their video review. This versatile product not only adds vibrant color to your hair but also doubles as a styling paste with a reliable hold. It's perfect for individuals with short hair who enjoy experimenting with different looks. The ease of use and the ability to mix shades to create a custom color make Poser Paste a must-have. Team showcased their spiky textured look, demonstrating how effortlessly this product can transform your hair. With eight different shades available, there are plenty of options to choose from. Poser Paste allows you to add fun color and texture to your hair without the commitment or extra time. Overall, it's a highly useful and convenient product for those who love to switch up their hairstyle frequently.

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Review by Leann Martin

Poser Paste Temp Hair Makeup Ppl Eater

If you're looking for a temporary way to add some color to your hair without the commitment, Leann recommends giving this product a try. The Poser Paste provides vibrant results and is easy to apply. However, it's important to note that the review did not mention the longevity of the color or how well it holds up throughout the day. Overall, this product seems like a great option for those wanting to experiment with colored hair.

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