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review of I DEW CARE Pawfect Face Scrubber - 1ct  by tconnors331
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Video Review of #I DEW CARE Pawfect Face Scrubber - 1ct by Tonyia

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Reviews of I DEW CARE Pawfect Face Scrubber - 1ct Green

Review by Hailey


Hailey recently tried the PAWFECT FACE SCRUBBER by I DEW CARE and shared her thoughts in a video review. She found it to be the perfect tool for removing her face mask and exfoliating her skin. The scrubber features a sponge inside that stays wet when wetted, providing a pleasant sensation on the skin. Additionally, it has larger knobs on one end for a different exfoliation experience. Hailey's skin felt thoroughly exfoliated and clean after using it. Overall, she highly recommends the PAWFECT FACE SCRUBBER for its effectiveness in removing face masks and providing a refreshing exfoliation experience.

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