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review of IGK Hair IGK Permanent Color Kit  by alicexlockhart
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Video Review of #IGK HAIR IGK Permanent Color Kit by Alice

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What Alice says about IGK Permanent Color Kit Black00:00

IGK Permanent Color Kit Black00:00 by Alice

The IGK Permanent Color Kit in Black is Alice's go-to black hair dye. She praises its pigmentation, noting that it doesn't fade even after multiple washes and exposure to chlorine in the pool. Alice also appreciates the inclusion of a conditioning pack, which leaves her hair feeling great after dyeing. One box is sufficient for her, but she suggests using two boxes for those with longer hair. She is particularly pleased that the dye doesn't stain her hairline, avoiding any embarrassing moments. Overall, Alice is obsessed with the IGK Permanent Color Kit, describing it as perfect, beautiful, and amazing.

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