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review of IGK Hair IGK Permanent Color Kit  by simplysc1c
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Video Review of #IGK HAIR IGK Permanent Color Kit by Sharonda

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Reviews of IGK Hair IGK Permanent Color Kit French rose

Review by Sharonda

IGK Permanent Color Kit

Sharonda provides a detailed review of the IGK Permanent Color Kit in French rose color. She mentions that although her hair turned out pink instead of rose, she was satisfied with the overall result. Sharonda explains that she prefers a brighter and bolder shade that stands out against her skin tone. To achieve this, she applied a semi-permanent color on top of the IGK color. Despite the slight color discrepancy, Sharonda emphasizes that she has had great success with IGK color in the past. Overall, the IGK Permanent Color Kit offers a satisfactory outcome, allowing users to experiment with different shades and achieve vibrant hair colors. However, it's important to note that the French rose color may appear differently on various hair types and skin tones.

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