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review of Inkbox Bebo Temporary Tattoo  by eduarl3000
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Video Review of #INKBOX Bebo Temporary Tattoo by eduardo lopez

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What eduardo lopez says about Bebo Temporary Tattoo Black

Bebo Temporary Tattoo Black by eduardo lopez

Inkbox's bebo offers a temporary tattoo solution for those who desire body art without the commitment. eduardo explains that the process begins with cleaning the desired area and applying the sticker. After an hour, the tattoo develops over the next 26 to 48 hours, transforming from a greenish blue to a realistic black tattoo. eduardo showcases a bumblebee design on their finger, anticipating its development. Overall, bebo by Inkbox provides a convenient and temporary tattoo experience, allowing individuals to experiment with different designs without the permanence. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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Reviews of Inkbox Bebo Temporary Tattoo Black

Review by Jennie Sherer


The bebo by Inkbox temporary tattoos offer a fun and trendy way to express yourself. With their lasting power of up to two weeks, they provide a long-lasting option compared to traditional temporary tattoos. The primer wipe included in the package ensures proper adhesion, and the application process is made easier with the assistance of a friend or partner. Jennie's bumblebee design turned out great, showcasing the quality and attention to detail of the product.

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