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review of ITEM Beauty Overdew Rich Moisturizer  by brittneybertier
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Video Review of #ITEM BEAUTY Overdew Rich Moisturizer by Brittney

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Reviews of ITEM Beauty Overdew Rich Moisturizer Blue

Review by Claire

Overdew Rich Moisturizer

The Overdew Rich Moisturizer by ITEM Beauty is a must-have for those with dry skin. Claire, in her video review, raves about its super fast absorbing formula and luxurious velvety feel. She mentions how it quickly absorbs into her skin, providing much-needed hydration after a day in the sun. The moisturizer leaves her with a radiant glow, giving her a glazed donut-like complexion. Claire emphasizes that this product is not only affordable but also feels amazing on the skin. Overall, the Overdew Rich Moisturizer is highly recommended for its intense moisturizing properties and the incredible glow it imparts.

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