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Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm
Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm
/kimtrue makeup cleansing balm os white
/kimtrue makeup cleansing balm os white
/kimtrue makeup cleansing balm os white
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Video review of Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm  by 4ndqcvshdx
Video review of Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm  by katieinscore
Video review of Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm  by jrphotola

Makeup Cleansing Balm Kimtrue

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Video review of Makeup Cleansing Balm by Kristin Davis
Verified Buyer

Kristin recently reviewed the Makeup Cleansing Balm by Kimtrue in a video. She compared it to the pharmacy beauty green clean and found that while the Kimtrue balm is smaller in size, it offers a similar experience at a more affordable price. Kristin mentioned that the balm feels melty and does a great job of removing makeup. She also likes to use it as a first step in her skincare routine, followed by a second cleanse with a regular cleanser. Overall, Kristin is impressed with the Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm and finds it effective in removing makeup and dead skin.

Video review of  by undefined
Verified Buyer

Myah, a reviewer, recently shared her thoughts on the Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm in a video review. She was amazed by how quickly this product melted away her makeup. Myah started by wetting her face with warm water and then applied four dime-sized drops of the balm, specifically because she uses waterproof makeup. The results were impressive, as the balm effortlessly removed her waterproof mascara and other makeup. Myah compared it to other popular options like micellar water and Cetaphil, stating that the Kimtrue Cleansing Balm was much gentler and more effective. She expressed her love for makeup cleansing balms in general and declared this particular one as her new favorite. Overall, Myah's review highlights the effectiveness and gentleness of the Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm, making it a must-try for anyone in need of a reliable makeup remover.

Video review of Makeup Cleansing Balm by Katie Inscore
Katie Inscore
Katie Inscore
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Katie, tested out the Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm after struggling to remove waterproof mascara. Following the directions, she massaged the balm into her skin and then used a small amount of water to repeatedly massage until it turned white. After rinsing with a large amount of water, Katie found that the balm effectively removed all traces of makeup, including from her eyelashes. She considered it a win, as there was nothing left behind. Overall, the Kimtrue Makeup Cleansing Balm proved to be a reliable and effective product for removing stubborn waterproof mascara.

About Kimtrue

About Kimtrue

Beauty starts with clean skin. KIMTRUE seeks beauty in every detail. As a quality beauty brand that centers development on customer needs, we are dedicated to giving perfect radiance to every inch of your skin and hair. Dedicated to the detailed needs of our customers so we may provide a personalized, quality care experience. The meanings are KIM -- brilliance, TRUE -- real, accurate. As a part of KT Laboratories, we use cutting-edge active ingredients and the principle of effective care to formulate non-traditional, results-focused care products. That way, we can provide more accurate results and pleasant personal care experiences for our customers. We are dedicated to provide perfect radiance to every inch of your skin and hair.

Founded in: 2019
Origin: China
Instagram Page
Skincare iconSkincare
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging

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