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review of L'amore Beauty Super Peptide Eye Serum  by chestiny30
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Video Review of #L'AMORE BEAUTY Super Peptide Eye Serum by chestiny

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What chestiny says about Super Peptide Eye Serum White

Super Peptide Eye Serum White by chestiny

Reviewer chestiny shared their experience with the Super Peptide Eye Serum by L'amore Beauty. After cleansing and toning, chestiny applied the eye serum, which is infused with peptides and collagen. The serum aims to reduce puffiness and dark circles, giving a well-rested appearance. chestiny mentioned having dark circles due to early work hours. They cautioned about the forceful squirting of the product and advised being careful while pumping it out. chestiny applied the serum under each eye and allowed it to dry before continuing with their eye care routine. Although chestiny had been using the serum for a few days, they were unsure of its effectiveness but promised to provide updates. Overall, chestiny's review highlighted the serum's potential benefits for reducing puffiness and dark circles, but its efficacy was yet to be determined.

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Reviews of L'amore Beauty Super Peptide Eye Serum White

Review by Abillette

Super Peptide Eye Serum

Abillette, a reviewer, shares her thoughts on the Super Peptide Eye Serum by L'amore Beauty. She praises the product for its natural ingredients, particularly the aloe leaf juice, which is not commonly found in other products. Abillette mentions that the serum has a clear, gel-like consistency and applies it in a circular motion around her eyes. She highlights that unlike other eye creams she has tried, this one is not vitamin C-based but still effectively reduces puffiness. Abillette even experienced a noticeable improvement in just two hours after applying the serum. Overall, she loves the Super Peptide Eye Serum and highly recommends it for its effectiveness in reducing puffiness and its natural ingredients.

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