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review of Liberation Nails Nourishing Nail Polish  by jeccashecca
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Video Review of #LIBERATION NAILS Nourishing Nail Polish by Jessica

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What Jessica says about Nourishing Nail Polish Chroma

Nourishing Nail Polish Chroma by Jessica

This is a valid transcription of a video review for the product Nourishing Nail Polish in Chroma color by Liberation Nails. The review highlights the wear and opacity of the nail polish, mentioning that it took four coats to achieve the desired opacity. The reviewer also notes that the color appears slightly darker when dried compared to the bottle. However, the wear of the polish is described as amazing, even after activities like car work and housework. The reviewer also appreciates the fast drying time of the polish. Overall, the review is positive, emphasizing the impressive wear and quick drying of the nail polish.

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