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Flip product exampleFlip product example
Flip product example
Step one

Create your profile


Download Flip

Download the app through the App Store or the Google Play store


Sign Up

Create an account using your email, phone number, or social media login


Complete Your Profile

Add a profile picture and social media links, and verify your email

Step two

Shop for Products

Head to the feed and watch real reviews of products, or search in the tab for trending products or specific favorites.

Add products to your cart by tapping the Add to Cart button on each video

Visit the product page to watch more reviews on a specific product

Enjoy free same-day shipping and free returns

Flip product example
Step three

Post Honest Reviews

Once you receive your products, you can start creating and posting content. Our patented technology ensures that all videos posted on our platform are authentic reviews of products purchased through Flip.

Tap Share at the bottom of your screen

Tag a product from your Kept Items list to review

Upload a video or film directly in the Flip app

Post your review by tapping Publish

Flip product example
Step four

Check Your Earnings

As you earn money through post engagement, commisions on sales, and new user referral bonuses, you can track your profits through the My Earnings tab. Transfer your earnings directly to your bank account or to Flip cash.

Studying your earnings can also help you learn what kind of content drives the most engagement and generates the most sales. Let the data guide you as you continue to create authentic content!

Step five

Share Your Content

Everything on Flip is sharable using secure, unique links. Tap the arrows on your reviews and live shows to post your content on social media or share it directly with friends!

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