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review of Mad Beauty FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm  by tainaivette
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Video Review of #MAD BEAUTY FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm by Taina

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Reviews of Mad Beauty FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm Clear

Review by Ellyce

FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm

Ellyce's review of the FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm by Mad Beauty reveals mixed feelings about the product. While the lip balm's iconic FRIENDS theme and convenient pin attachment are commendable, Ellyce found the balm to be disappointingly dry, lacking in moisture and gloss. She mentions that a significant amount of product needs to be applied to achieve any noticeable results, making it messy and inefficient. Despite these drawbacks, Ellyce appreciates the lip balm's theme, giving it a two out of ten rating solely for that reason. Overall, the FRIENDS Cherry Lip Balm falls short in terms of its moisturizing properties and effectiveness, making it a less desirable choice for those seeking a nourishing and glossy lip balm experience.

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