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review of Marlowe No. 024 Deodorant | Aluminum Free  by 65555e78c4524a21e84c5566
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Video Review of #MARLOWE No. 024 Deodorant | Aluminum Free by Aryeh Leib

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Reviews of Marlowe No. 024 Deodorant | Aluminum Free White

Review by Natalie

No. 024 Deodorant | Aluminum Free

This is Marlowe No. 24 deodorant, a vegan and paraben-free product made in the U.S. It has gained recognition from reputable publications like Byrdie, People, Men's Health, Forbes, and GQ. Natalie's husband was intrigued by its reputation and decided to try it out. One of the standout features of this deodorant is its aluminum and baking soda-free formula, which ensures no white streaks on clothes. Overall, Natalie's review highlights the positive aspects of the product, emphasizing its effectiveness and quality. However, it would be beneficial to include any potential drawbacks or areas for improvement to provide a well-rounded assessment.

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