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review of MATTR Cosmetics Beard/Brow Fix for Men  by travelwithmichael
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Video Review of #MATTR COSMETICS Beard/Brow Fix for Men by Michael

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Reviews of MATTR Cosmetics Beard/Brow Fix for Men Black

Review by Austen

Beard/Brow Fix for Men

Hey guys, Austen here with a review of the MATTR Cosmetics Beard/Brow Fix for Men in Black color. This product is packed with moisturizing oils like jojoba and castor oil, which are great for your hair follicles and skin. It's easy to apply, and Austen found that using a densely packed brush gives better control. The product covers gray, white, and red hairs, giving the appearance of a fuller, thicker beard. Austen did mention that the color is more on the brown side, despite being labeled as black. Overall, Austen thinks this is a genius product that not only fills in your beard but also offers skincare benefits. Highly recommended for those looking to enhance their beard game.

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