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review of Milk Makeup Buff Brush  by shanessaalves
Buff Brush
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Video Review of #MILK MAKEUP Buff Brush by shanessa ann

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Reviews of Milk Makeup Buff Brush Black

Review by shanessa ann

Buff Brush

The reviewer, shanessa, shares her thoughts on the Buff Brush by Milk Makeup in her video review. She initially mentions that she expected the brush to be larger, but finds it cute and compact. While many people use it for their face, shanessa prefers using it on her body, specifically on her chest area, as it allows her to blend products without worrying about her jewelry. She emphasizes that the brush is of high quality and despite its small size, it performs well. Additionally, she notes that it has a decent weight. Overall, shanessa's review highlights the versatility and effectiveness of the Buff Brush, making it a valuable addition to one's beauty routine.

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