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Plumping Tinted Lipgloss #Narene Beauty

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Narene Beauty
Narene Beauty

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Narene Beauty
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Narené Beauty

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Narené Beauty


About Narene Beauty

As a 25-year veteran of the make-up and beauty industry, Naira Doukmajian Dacosta combines inspiration and experience into every beauty product developed for Narené BeautyTM. Her creative drive, professional experience and many years as beauty educator combine into the careful research, testing and manufacturing of each product to bring you enduring beauty that is both versatile and long-lasting. Narené BeautyTM features vegan beauty products with organic ingredients sourced from Italy. Now, beginning with the debut of her luxury lip collection, Naira is proud to offer field-proven and specially formulated beauty products for everyday wear, designed to compliment every skin tone and help you look your best!

Founded in: 2020
Origin: Italy
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Vegan iconVegan
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Prestige iconPrestige
Makeup iconMakeup

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About Narene Beauty
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