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NatureLab. TOKYO Volume Shampoo
NatureLab. TOKYO Volume Shampoo
/naturelab volume shampoo os pink
/naturelab volume shampoo os pink
/naturelab volume shampoo os pink
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Video review of NatureLab. TOKYO Volume Shampoo  by stylemebea
Video review of NatureLab. TOKYO Volume Shampoo  by gianellazano
Video review of NatureLab. TOKYO Volume Shampoo  by annieliu0202

Volume Shampoo NatureLab. TOKYO

Color: Pink


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Video review of Volume Shampoo by liz campos
liz campos
liz campos
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, liz, is excited to talk about the NatureLab. TOKYO VOLUME SHAMPOO and shares her positive experience with the product. She mentions that she has used the shampoo multiple times and loves it. liz has collaborated with NatureLab. TOKYO outside of the app, which shows her genuine appreciation for the brand. She describes her hair as thick, long, and wavy, and the shampoo helps retain volume without making it oily or heavy. liz is impressed with how well the product works on her hair. She also mentions that she hasn't used the conditioner yet but encourages viewers to keep watching her flip-up page for more information. Overall, liz highly recommends the NatureLab. TOKYO VOLUME SHAMPOO for achieving perfect volume without compromising on texture or weight.

About NatureLab. TOKYO

About NatureLab. TOKYO

Powered by Plants. Perfected by Science. Proven by You. NatureLab. TOKYO blends the rich heritage of Japan with cutting-edge technology to create a curated line of clean, innovative, and environmentally friendly haircare products.

Founded in: 1997
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Sustainable iconSustainable

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