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review of NCLA Beauty Watermelon Cuticle Oil  by mdz.anl
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Video Review of #NCLA BEAUTY Watermelon Cuticle Oil by Andrea Menendez

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Reviews of NCLA Beauty Watermelon Cuticle Oil Pink

Review by diana

Watermelon Cuticle Oil 0.5 fl oz

The NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil in Watermelon scent is a stunning product that diana is excited to try. The packaging is visually appealing, and the color of the oil itself is beautiful. diana mentions that the oil is thick and recommends using one drop every other finger. With the increased hand sanitizing we're all doing, a rich cuticle oil like this is a great addition to any routine. The watermelon scent is described as incredible and the oil is said to be nourishing and hydrating. diana even mentions that she moves any leftover oil onto her fingers for added moisture. Overall, diana loves this product and highly recommends it.

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