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review of NEOS Venus Bust Candle  by k4xq9tkwsb
Venus Bust Candle
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Video Review of #NEOS Venus Bust Candle by Daniella

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Reviews of NEOS Venus Bust Candle Lilac

Review by Niki Maragos

Venus Bust Candle - Lilac

The NEOS Venus Bust Candle in Lilac is truly breathtaking, according to Niki's video review. Niki expresses their love for the body-shaped design, describing it as perfect and amazing. The candle's size, comparable to the size of a hand, is also praised. Niki mentions that this particular candle has a delightful floral scent, but emphasizes that all NEOS candles are of high quality and add a touch of elegance to any room. Despite the temptation to burn it, Niki decides to keep this stunning candle as a decorative piece. Overall, Niki's review highlights the NEOS Venus Bust Candle's exquisite design, pleasant scent, and ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

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